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It all started 18 months ago, and it became a reality this June. X Games Austin kicked off its 4-year engagement with a bang at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX. 160,000 fans enjoyed world-class action sports competitions, live music, interactive activities, and more over four days in early June.


We were tasked with doing three things for X Games Austin: build awareness, create excitement, and sell tickets for a first-year event.

X Games has been a global presence for 20 years, but we had to start X Games Austin’s email list, social following, and website from scratch.

Strategy & Execution

Step 1: Build a robust email list.

After ESPN announced that X Games would be in Austin, we had a natural spike in social media followers, and we knew we needed to make the most of these new fans. Using a mix of contesting and pre-sale messaging (plus prominent website placement), we grew the X Games Austin email list organically by .

Step 2: Craft a killer content marketing strategy.

When it comes to social marketing, overt sales tactics are never a good idea, but this is even more true for the X Games crowd. Instead of pushing ticket sales in every post, we worked to create engaging content—including memes and blog posts—that our fans would want to share, while implementing contests to our ever-growing fanbase to expand our email list.

Step 3: Build a website that sells.

Simply put, the best websites drive revenue, and we built the X Games Austin website to do just that. We featured a clear call to buy tickets by differentiating it from the other navigation items, adding a link as the first slider image, and more to reduce the number of clicks to the ticket purchase page, increasing page traffic.

We also designed a ticket grid that very clearly explained the different types of packages and upgrades available while implementing pixel tracking to keep tabs on our progress.

Step 4: Provide excellent customer service and tell the X Games Austin story.

We know that fans who receive great customer service on social are likely to spend 21% more on a brand, so it’s important to be able to provide this for our clients. For X Games Austin in particular, we provided fan support year-round and had a team of three people on-site during X Games to both answer fans’ questions and help tell the X Games Austin story through real-time digital content.


  • 160,000 people attended X Games Austin over four days, the largest crowd X Games has seen since 1999.
  • X Games Austin email list grew 140% following the bid.
  • Facebook “Likes” alone increased 265% following the bid.
  • We can attribute 28% of our email list and 23% of our site traffic to social channels.
  • The tickets page was the second most visited page on the website, accounting for 19% of total site pageviews.
  • Of fans who landed on the homepage, 33% of non-bounce traffic went to the tickets page.
  • #XGamesAustin hashtag was used 85,000 times the week of X Games.


Through a strong digital marketing campaign that began in August, we were able to organically grow a strong email list and social following, and sell tickets to the largest X Games in over a decade.

We were also able to provide online support to fans, as well as on-site support to X Games and Circuit of The Americas, leading to lots of happy customers and new fans who are determined to get in on the fun in 2015!

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