Stories - Summer Camp

“In the ever-evolving live events marketing business, working alongside the Rockhouse Partners team has been a great asset to our company and our events. Their team has brought some key insight to our strategies and has helped us to keep our eyes on the prize of selling tickets and increasing our revenue through email marketing, mobile optimization and continued web development.”

– Mike Armintrout, Director of Marketing / Talent Buyer at Jay Goldberg Events and Entertainment

The Players

The Winssummercampemail

  • More Tickets Sold: 21% increase in overall ticket revenue.
  • More Subscriber Engagement: The average open rate increased from 18% to 26%, the average click rate increased from 3% to 5%, and emails received 21% less total unsubscribes.
  • Overall Better User Experience: Mobile site visits increased 74%.

The Challenge

  • Develop an integrated marketing and ticketing strategy to sell tickets, drive website traffic, and increase overall customer engagement.
  • Create an optimal web presence that drives ticket sales and improves overall user experience.
  • Use actionable data to create targeted email segments, while keeping costs down and ROI high.

The Execution

Strategy & Planning

  • Our digital marketing experts outlined email and website plans, while corresponding and strategizing with the Summer Camp team on a weekly basis.

Designed, Built, Measured

  • Reimagined, simplified, and rebuilt the online ticket-buying experience.
  • Conducted a completely responsive redesign of the website.

Summer Camp

Finalized & Fine-Tuned

  • Strategized targeting opportunities with a focus on 3 main groups: 3-day Pass buyers, VIP buyers, and non-buyers.

The Next Steps

  • Segregate client email list to separate Summer Camp from other events and promotions.
  • Conduct a redesign of the email template during the off-season.
  • Research & prepare for in-depth retargeting campaigns for 2015.
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