“Working with Rockhouse Partners on the management of our website and social media outreach is invaluable! Since we started our strategic marketing efforts we have seen our fan base grow by 23%. In a market of multiple entertainment options, Rockhouse helps us stay relevant and a venue people now actively seek to meet their entertainment needs!”

– Becky Colwell, General Manager

Building on experience and successes from 2013, Travis Janovich (Etix) and Suzanna Best (Rockhouse Partners) partnered with Becky Colwell and her Koka Booth Amphitheatre marketing team to develop an email marketing strategy that would optimize announcement emails and increase ticket sales. Here’s the full story…

The Players

  • Becky Colwell, Koka Booth Amphitheatre
  • Travis Janovich, Etix
  • Suzanna Best, Rockhouse

The Wins

Year-over-year wins include:

  • More Revenue from Email: 291% increase in ticket revenue through email.
  • Email Audience Growth: 23% growth in email database.
  • More Engagement through Email: 7% increase in open rates.

The Challenge

  • Turn past ticket purchases into actionable data used to target specific consumer groups.
  • Optimize email campaigns for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Drive more engagement through announcement emails, specifically site visits and ticket purchases.

The Execution

Strategy & Planning

  • Building on the momentum of the 2013 season, Rockhouse Partners and Koka Booth developed goals and deployed an organized, measurable system for tracking sales & audience growth during pre-season and throughout the year.

Designed, Built & Measured

  • Designed a new, customized email template.
  • Included social media presence and exploited website traffic during pre-sale periods to facilitate email list growth and achieve higher results with each send.
  • Created new system to effectively track results week over week.

Finalized & Fine-Tuned

  • Utilized A/B subject line testing to maximize open rates.
  • Implemented consistent sending plan and cross-channel optimization for pre-sale announcements, increasing open rates by 2%.

The Next Steps

  • Continue to Optimize Website
  • Further Email List Segmentation & Sending Plans
  • Meet and Exceed Growth Goals
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