“We’ve seen a significant increase in the engagement with our fans by hosting the digital viewing parties. It’s a great campaign and we plan on continuing it in the future!”

– Carrie Ehorn, Digital Marketing Manager, Homestead-Miami Speedway

How We Grew Homestead-Miami Speedway’s Fanbase by Live Tweeting … During Other Events.

2014 marks the fourth season of engagement between Rockhouse and Homestead-Miami Speedway. Way back in 2012, they tasked us with growing their social fanbase for the first time. Noticing certain social trends, we decided to take a new approach to better-engage with fans: live tweeting during other races.

The Result?

How we did it:

Looked at the Data
Before executing our social plan for HMS, we took a look at some of the most important social metrics and industry statistics:

  • Engagement increases 35% during NASCAR “Chase” races.
  • Twitter is the preferred social media outlet for 26% of NASCAR fans.
  • 91% of 18-24 year old NASCAR fans routinely share NASCAR content online.


Put a Brand On It!
Brand consistency is key. Anyone can tweet during a race, but not everyone creates a custom, branded campaign around it:

  • Branded every Sunday Chase Race as a Homestead-Miami Speedway “Digital Viewing Party.”
  • Created and included a dedicated hashtag with all posts and content during the race (#WatchWithHMS.)

Created Shareable Content Before, During, and After the Races
Shareable content created for our clients has helped increase social reach by 500%. Knowing this, incentivizing fans to share content during races was key for increasing reach and growing the fanbase.

Gave Away Free Stuff 

  • Included action-oriented messaging to “RT & FOLLOW @HomesteadMiami” for a chance to win prizes during other races.
  • Gave fans a deadline. (Followers are more likely to engage when they feel a sense of urgency to act.)
  • Celebrated our winners! For every contest, we posted “congratulations” tweets to highlight our fans. 

To sum it up…

Plan on Nothing. Engage with EVERYTHING.

Races—like any other live event—can be unpredictable. Fights happen, crashes occur, fans climb fences, and sometimes (if you’re lucky) Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins. The key is to follow trends, keep up with relevant handles and hashtags, and be prepared for anything.

Never lose sight of the end goal: selling more tickets to YOUR event. Leverage the engagement of others to drive more traffic to your own pages.

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