3 Highlights from #APAPNYC

By January 19, 2015 Events No Comments

1. Email is still the star of its marketing class.

At APAP|NYC, the global performing arts conference and marketplace, PACs were as eager as ever to learn the ins and outs of email marketing. Smart segmentation and advanced analytics were among the hottest topics, and Rockhouse Partners continues to be at the forefront of innovative, applicable, and—most importantly—profitable email marketing strategies. The word is out that email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel, and smart marketers are on board to capitalize on the profitability.

2. Performing Arts Centers are taking the creativity from the stage and applying it to overall marketing strategies.

The sky’s the limit and the status quo won’t cut it! Conference attendees came armed with smart questions from how to consistently measure profitability across digital platforms to how to get started with Google Analytics and beyond. Rockhouse Partners is ready and willing to be the extra set of hands available to deliver both tactically and strategically. Combining Etix tools such as partner ID tracking with Rockhouse Partners’ marketing know-how, it is easier than ever for PACs to know their numbers, challenge areas of deficit, and achieve success.

3. Did somebody say Ira Glass?

The This American Life radio producer and podcast aficionado led a plenary session that had everyone tuned-in. The topic “Togetherness,” which implored effective storytelling to maximize audience engagement, was an appropriate addition to a conference all about creating lasting fans and repeat ticket buyers. With so much noise and rapidly decreasing attention spans, the art of crafting a compelling message is essential to captivate and convert.

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