Etix Product Spotlight: Pre-Sale Email Capture

By September 3, 2014 Product Spotlight No Comments

In 2014, Etix launched a pre-sale email signup feature that successfully increased both ticket sales and subscribership for participating users.

Key Wins

  • 28% average conversion rate from emails captured pre-sale through Etix.
  • $145,000+ in incremental ticket sales for clients.
  • 30,000+ email addresses collected in the first month of implementation.

Our Favorite Features

  • Automation: Subscribers are automatically notified when the specific event becomes available for purchase.
  • Customization: The pre-sale tool allows users to customize emails with their co-brand as well as include upcoming, relevant shows.
  • Sharing Functionality: Pre-sale emails include call-outs for subscribers to share event and ticket information to their social media networks.


How This Helps Our Clients

  • Add Incremental Revenue: The automated pre-sale email function creates a new funnel for driving sales with no extra work required! An additional $145,000+ has already been generated in the few months this feature has been available.
  • Grow Your Database: Incentivizing online passers-by to join the notification list will help to expand your overall email database. Over 30,000 email addresses were collected during the pilot month.
  • Identify Superfans: If someone wants to be the first in line for tickets, he or she will be more apt to follow-through with purchasing! Furthermore, this feature allows you to easily determine repeat buyers.

Where to Go From Here

  • Targeted Email Sends: Consider creating segmented lists based on customer interests and past purchases in order to target individuals about similar events.
  • Even MORE Automation: Sending a Thank You email is a simple and effective method for maximizing fan loyalty and engagement. Soon, this feature will also be automated!

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